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Sizzles Is An Extremely Clever Dog. (charlie And Lola)

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Sizzles Is An Extremely Clever Dog

Your children will love this fantastic book by Lauren Child. Written by Lauren Child and it was published by Puffin Books. The book went on sale in July of 2011. The kids book is 14 pages long. To obtain your personal print of this kids book, visit the button on this page.

Puffin Books

ISBN: 0141336528
Author: Lauren Child

A Charlie and Lola finger puppet book: Sizzles is an Extremely Clever Dog, by Lauren Child. Lola loves Sizzles and thinks he is an extremely clever dog who can do actually something! Based on the award-winning books by Lauren Child, Charlie and Lola is now a top-rated BBC children's television show and a enormous international hit. ; I Absolutely Love Animals; You Won't Like this Present as A lot as I Do; I am Inventing an Invention And other books by Lauren Child: The Princess and the Pea; The Secret Garden; Who Wants to turn into a Poodle? Lauren is also the multi-talented prize-winning creator of Clarice Bean and co-creator from the widely acclaimed The Princess and the Pea. But it wasn't Me; I am Really, Really Concentrating; My Best, Best Friend; This really is Actually My Party; I truly Wonder What Plant I'm Growing; I Will Be Especially Very Careful; My Doodling and Colouring-In Book; Sizzles, Where Are You? Charlie and Lola is created by Tiger Aspect Productions, one inside the UK's most effective and prolific independent television producers of shows including Robin Hood and The Catherine Tate Show. Lauren lives in London. I don't! Look out for these other Charlie and Lola books: We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog; But Excuse Me That is My Book; My Collecting Sticker Book; My Picnic Sticker Book; My Very Busy Sticker Book; My Completely Greatest Story Collection; I'm Really Ever So Not Well; My Completely Greatest Story Collection; My Extremely Good Story Collection; Snow is my Favourite and My Best; We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog; My Especially Busy Box of Books; Whoops! ; Maude, the Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton; Clarice Bean; and Ruby Redfort. Push your finger by way of the hole and support Sizzles wriggle his way by means of the pages in this new, interactive finger puppet book.


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