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Charlie And Lola: I'm Just Not Keen On Spiders

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Charlie And Lola Im Just Not Keen On


"Charlie has this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny. Can Charlie convince Lola that spiders are really not so yucky?. This completely very charming story also has six extremely clever and fun jigsaw puzzles inside, with pieces big enough for even Lola-sized hands!."--Back cover.
Written by Lauren Child and it was published sometime in August of 2008 by Dial. The hardcover book is about Spiders and it is deemed fantastic juvenile fiction. If you find yourself within the library you can in all likelihood look it up with the Dewey Decimal Classification, P. The book has 12 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pictures.


ISBN: 0803732945
Author: Lauren Child

Lola does not like spiders given that they are big and they are hairy. t so bad? Spiders just make me feel all yucky.? I am not scared, Charlie. When Charlie tells her there is no should be scared, she says,? Will Charlie have the capability to convince his small and funny sister that spiders really aren?

Here is really a brand-new format for enjoying Charlie and Lola! Read a total story and have fun with the puzzles? And don? t miss these lovable siblings on the hit Playhouse Disney show Charlie and Lola! The vibrant artwork has been turned into six puzzles included in a sturdy and appealing book. this is a perfect combination of imagination and play.


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